I’m writing a “now” page because it makes sense. I like to do things differently. When most people zig, I want to zag.

The now page is incredibly useful. It’s not being different, just for different’s sake.

It is interesting to know what people are up to. When I meet new people one of my favorite questions is “What fun projects are you working on now?”

If you asked me that question. This is how I would answer.

Q4 2020 Goals

Creative Projects

I am working on a second book with a major publisher on my mastermind work with school leaders. The first draft is due Nov 15.

I realize I only want to write and create content on a few topics, yet my tribe would benefit from more resources than I can provide. So I launched a new content team who will bring a wealth of experience and diverse voices to the Better Leaders Better Schools tribe.

I am most excited about launching this website. I have designed a number of experiences which you can browse in the header above. The blog and “Campfire” are free. I put a lot of work into the Frame Your Future process and cannot wait to serve leaders there. The coaching and mastermind come very naturally to me. Catalyst Coaching focuses on three month sprints, but can go longer. The Ripple Effect mastermind chooses the edges of intentional diversity, generosity, and remarkability.

Twitter is where my education brand lives. Instagram will be where I serve leaders and creatives. You can follow me on IG here.


Syracuse, New York is now home. My family is in the process of getting settled. Upstate NY is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite activities is hiking. Below are pictures taken at Clark Reservation National Park. You start the hike at higher elevation and the last two pictures are from the “Swamp Path.”